Join our fight against food waste

We’re on a mission to inspire and empower more responsible consumption – thereby supporting Sustainable Development Goal no. 12.3: Food Loss and Waste.

Together with our customers and partners, we continually strive to design solutions that help reduce food waste by focusing on premium protection, extended shelf life, reclosable solutions, and right-sized portions.

Long Live Food!

At Plus Pack we want food to live longer. Long Live Food, we say, because we want food to end up on the table – not as waste. But in reality, 1/3 of all food produced is being wasted. Globally. With a rapidly growing population and climate crisis urgency, we believe it’s time to take responsibility.

We know that many of our customers and partners are already skilled food waste fighters, but figures show if food wastage was a country, it would be the third largest emitting country in the world after China and the US (

This tells us that even though we as an industry are doing a lot, we are not doing enough – yet.

Food waste is an issue for every business in the food industry

…so why not solve the issue together? One of Plus Pack’s first steps along the road of reducing food waste is dialogue with stakeholders. Through various conversations and interviews with customers and partners we have learned that food waste is a huge concern for several businesses across the supply chain. As Bjart Pedersen, Manager of Sustainable Sourcing in the Norwegian retail chain, NorgesGruppen, told us:

“Becoming 10 billion people on the planet and climate change happening now we cannot continue throwing away 30 pct. of the food we produce. So we need to take more responsibility… It doesn’t matter if it is the consumer or if it is the farmer or if it is us. We have the responsibility to reduce food waste in our supply chain.”

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Let’s fight food waste

At Plus Pack, we’re committed to fighting food waste through premium protection, extended shelf life, reclosable solutions, and right-sized portions.

Food waste is a major global issue, with a third of all food produced being thrown out. Actually, it is not just the food itself that is wasted. It is also all the resources that went into producing the food: the land, the water, the processing, the transportation, etc. And our environment is suffering the consequences. On top of this, feeding our rapidly growing world is a huge global challenge.

Food packaging plays an important role in meeting these challenges – protecting the food, and reducing food waste.

Read more about how we use recyclable materials in the manufacturing process to our food packaging solution.

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We produce premium-quality
food packaging that ensures protection during transportation and storage.



We develop hermetically
sealed food packaging with 100% closed barriers for an extended shelf life.



We innovate solutions that allow
end-users to reclose packaging to maintain freshness and prevent spillage.



We design food packaging in various sizes to
match individual customer needs and allow end-users to choose right-sized portions.



Why food packaging is a part of the solution

Because plastic and aluminum packaging keeps food fresher for longer and protects against damage, it gives food producers and retailers more time to sell the product, and consumers more time to use it, thereby reducing food waste.